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Why Donate to PEAK?

Since 1986, PEAK Parent Center has been supporting families as they navigate the complex, overwhelming, and isolating world of raising a child with a disability. Every day, PEAK empowers families, educating them about specific disabilities, available resources, laws that protect their children’s rights, and tools they need to become lifelong advocates for their children and themselves. Here's what a few Colorado parents had to say about PEAK's support to them: 

“Before I called PEAK, I felt lost. It was nice to connect with a PEAK Parent Advisor who understood, who could give direction, guidance and someone who would listen without judgement.” ~ Colorado Parent

"Services for students in our district are better today because of our involvement with PEAK. In addition to direct support to parents, PEAK has consistently provided superior training and consultation for our staff about best practices and methodologies." ~ Colorado Director of Special Education

“PEAK’s Parent Advisors have helped and continue to help me with some very intense issues. They always have such a good demeanor and a positive way of presenting issues. We are very lucky to have PEAK’s Parent Advisors.” ~ Colorado Parent

“PEAK is a huge asset to families. Everyone is so very, very helpful when families are struggling to understand how and what to do.” ~ Colorado Parent

"Estoy muy agradecida por la informacion que me envio y por todo su apoyo, me ha sido de mucha utilidad." ~ Padre de Colorado

PEAK Parent Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that relies on individual, corporate, and foundation donations.  All financial contributions are tax-deductible. PEAK is a fiscally responsible organization: less than 10% of every dollar that is donated is spent on management and fundraising, meaning that more than 90% of all funds raised directly help PEAK help families. Your charitable donation ensures that PEAK’s services can continue to help families and educators realize new possibilities for all children with disabilities!

When you donate to PEAK you can be assured that your money is directly helping children and families.

Here are some examples of how your support can provide needed assistance (remember, every gift impacts the lives of the families and self-advocates we serve, no matter the amount): 

  • $35.00 - One hour of parent advising for a family
  • $75.00 - Intensive review of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) document with a family
  • $150.00 - Technology support toward a one hour webinar for families
  • $150.00 - Scholarship for a parent to attend PEAK's annual Conference on Inclusive Education
  • $300.00 - An evening IEP or advocacy workshop for families in a local community
  • $500.00 - Sponsoring a parent/educator team to attend PEAK's annual Conference on Inclusive Education
  • $1,000 One month of website maintenance

PEAK welcomes contributions in a variety of ways. Any amount is both useful and appreciated! Here are ways to give (note: each of the links in the bullets below will open in external, non-PEAK websites):

  • Donate onlineYou can make a one-time gift or support us on an ongoing basis by setting up a recurring monthly donation. 
  • Donate by snail mail: Checks made payable to PEAK Parent Center can be sent to: PEAK Parent Center, c/o Barb Buswell, Executive Director, 917 East Moreno Avenue, Suite 140, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. If you wish to receive a donation envelope, call PEAK at 719.531.9400 or email!
  • Contribute Through Matching Gifts
    • A great option to leverage your giving for a larger impact is through corporate matching gifts! Many corporations have matching gift programs that will match your donation to an accredited charitable organization, which PEAK Parent Center is. This is an easy way to double or even triple the impact of your personal contribution to PEAK!
    • Here’s how to make a matching gift: Check with your human resources department to find out whether your company has a matching gift policy. If so, your employer will usually provide a form for you to fill out and send to us with your donation. We will verify your gift and return the form to your company, which will then issue a matching gift contribution directly to PEAK Parent Center.