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In order to honor and highlight trailblazers of inclusion, PEAK has established an annual award: Allies for Inclusion. While we know that full inclusion should be easy, unfortunately it is commonplace to see examples of old habits and exclusion every day. PEAK’s Allies for Inclusion award honors individuals who are on the frontline, working to smash barriers, open doors, inspire us, and make changes for inclusion in communities in Colorado, across the nation, and beyond. Please enjoy learning more about each of the distinguished award recipients and their incredible contributions below!

Award Recipients

Scott Kupferman

Photo of Scott Kupferman

Committed to inclusion in action: ensuring access, through any and all means necessary, so individuals with disabilities can live a fully included life.

Dan Wilkins

Photo of Dan Wilkins

Outspoken advocate, storyteller, and visionary for people living with disabilities and the culture to which they belong.

Irene Aguilar

Photo of Irene Aguilar

Former PEAK Board Member, Colorado Legislator, Doctor, and Parent working to make sure all citizens have access to healthcare, education and supports.

Diana Jolly

Photo of Diana Jolly with Dave Meeks and Barb Buswell

Down-to-earth, selfless, loyal, passionate, and principled leader from PEAK's Board since 1992 - PEAK's very beginnings.

LeDerick Horne

Photo of LeDerick Horne

An embodiment of PEAK’s vision for inclusion: a spoken-word poet, advocate, and bridge-builder whose work helps achieve substantive, systemic change.

Paula Kluth

Photo of Paula Kluth

Visionary educator, author, advocate, and consultant; a long-time leader and friend to PEAK; a lynchpin for real-life inclusion.

Jonathan Money

jonathan Mooney

Jonathan Mooney is an award winning writer, entrepreneur, and activist who did not learn to read until he was twelve years old.